Facebook check-in deals

How to Create Facebook Check-in Deals [video]

Facebook check-in deals

If your business seems to be struggling with getting more exposure on your Facebook Page, it might be time to learn how to create Facebook check-in deals.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with check-in deals, here’s a summary of check-in deals.

What is a check-in deal?

A Facebook check-in deal is a way to incentivize customers to check-in to your business on Facebook from their mobile devices like a tablet or a smartphone. Anyone with a business (brick and mortar or online) can create a check-in deal to reward customers.

Once someone checks in to your establishment, you can reward them in one of four ways:

  • Individual deal – Offer a discount to an individual for checking in to your business.
  • Friend deal – Offer a discount when your friend brings a friend (or multiple friends) and they check-in together to your business
  • Loyalty deal – Offer a discount, freebie or dollar amount off a purchase to checking in a pre-determined number of times
  • Charity deal – Your business makes a donation to a charity when someone checks in.

But wait, I heard Facebook check-in deals were being replaced.  While InsideFacebook.com published an article back on February 29, 2012, declaring that Check-in Deals were no longer being used, I’ve checked with my sources at Facebook and check-in deals are sticking around!

How to create Facebook check-in deals

Before you can create your first Facebook check-in deal, make sure your Facebook Page is setup as a place – click here to learn how.

To create a Facebook check-in deals, watch this short video. Not only does it show you how to create Facebook check-in deals, but it also covers the four types of Facebook check-in deals (individual, friend, loyalty, and charity) along with the different ways you can customize each type of deal.

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Why create Facebook check-in deals?

Facebook check-in deals are a great way to reward your best customers and fans. When you create a deal, not only are you rewarding your customers, but you’re also creating free advertising for yourself.  When a customer claims a Facebook check-in deals from their mobile device, that deal gets shared on their wall and their friends see it. This means free marketing and advertising for you!

What type of Facebook check-in deal should I create?

There are literally thousands of types of check-in deals you can create on Facebook. Here are a few types of check-in deals to consider:

  • Percentage off
  • Dollar amount off
  • Low attendance on a webinar? Create a check-in deal to boost awareness
  • Create an e-book or PDF and give it away with each check-in
  • Give away a high-five/hug with each check-in

Question: In the comment below, list your business, your Facebook Page, and what types of Facebook check-in deals you think would be great for your business. I’ll respond back with some suggestions.