Social media recruiting

Social Media recruiting – is it working?

It used to be that job recruiting over social media didn’t work. Today, a lot has changed and social media recruiting is hotter than ever.

In fact, 92% of companies use social media for recruiting (tweet this).

While companies are recruiting new employees using social media recruiting. Does it work though

Let’s explore some stats that support the claim that social media recruiting works.

  • 42% of companies say candidate quality has improved thanks to social media (tweet this)
  • 33% of employers rejected candidates based on something they found on a social profile (tweet this)
  • Recruiting across Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn
    • 93% of companies use LinkedIn for recruiting (tweet this)
    • 66% of companies use Facebook for recruiting (tweet this)
    • 54% of companies use Twitter for recruiting (tweet this)
  • Surprising stat: 36% of companies are not in engaged in social media recruiting (tweet this)

While these numbers suggest that companies are benefiting from using social media to become more efficient with in their recruiting efforts and to help improve the quality of applicants for a job, does this actually lead to more jobs for job seekers? Let’s find out.

Does social media recruiting lead to more hires?

According to, not only are companies using social media to recruit new employees, but 73% of new hires came from being hired via social media (tweet this).

What this means is that instead of sending out paper resumes (which still works, just not as well), your primary place when looking for a job should be via social media.

Specifically, you should start in this order – LinkedIn, Facebook, and Twitter. These are the sites that job seekers should be looking on first when they are looking for a job.

Personally, I’m surprised that recruiting via social media took so long to get this popular. It’s a great for businesses to use their resources more efficiently. It also makes it more convenient for job seekers to quickly search and find jobs that interest them and to apply using their profile on sites such as LinkedIn.

If you’re interested in seeing more stats on the growth in social media recruiting, check out the following infographic.

Social media recruiting


When you’re looking for a job, where do you primarily begin your job search? Is it on social media? If so, which site do you start with? LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter – or some other social network?

Leave a comment below and let me know how social media recruiting has helped you out and what kind of job it got you.