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70 time-saving social media shortcuts [Infographic]

Whether it’s figuring out how to squeeze more time out of our daily lives or how to more productive on social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube. We’re always looking for a shortcut. As we share more and more of our personal lives through social media, it’s time that we created social media shortcuts to help us learn how to get more efficient in the limited amount of time that we have.

According to Experian Marketing Services, Americans spend 16 minutes of every hour online on social networks. That’s nearly 25% of every hour being spent on a social media site. While we won’t go into what users do on social media sites. that’s a lot of time to be spending checking updates from others and less time that we can be productive.

The team at Quintly put together this infographic featuring 70 social media shortcuts to help you get more done on Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and YouTube. In addition to the social media shortcuts listed, they’ve also included a few easter eggs (hidden features).

While these shortcuts only work when you’re on your computer and not on your mobile device such as your smartphone or tablet, they’re very handy to learn and can help reduce the amount of time you waste from senseless clicks online.

70 time-saving social media shortcuts

80 social media shortcuts[Via Quintly]

Hopefully you won’t find learning these social media shortcuts to be a daunting task. While it may seem like a lot of things to remember, the more you use these shortcuts, the better you’ll get, and the faster you’ll get. Over time, you’ll learn to reduce the time you spend performing certain actions on social networks like Facebook.

Question: Which of these shortcuts do you see yourself using the most? Because I spend a good deal of time on Facebook, I plan on learning those first. How about you? Leave a comment below and tell me which social media shortcut you plan on learning first.