Pinpuff A Tool to Measure Your Influence on Pinterest (with video)


While Klout is a tool to measure your overall social media influence, it does not measure Pinterest.  Fortunately, there’s another social media tool that can help you measure your influence or “pinfluence” on Pinterest called Pinpuff.

What I like about this app:

Pinpuff is essentially Klout for Pinterest. What it does is it let’s you measure the social influence of your boards on Pinterest.  This is great because you can see how you compare to other Pinterest users. In addition to measuring your social influence, Pinpuff features a social rewards program.  Their social rewards program rewards the most influential pinfluencers on Pinterest.

How does Pinpuff work?

Pinpuff a FREE social media tool that’s very easy to sign-up and use.  To get started, you need to verify your Pinpuff account by pinning a verification code on your Pinterest account.  Once you’ve completed this step, all that’s left to do is to pin items around the web to your pinboards and watch your influence on Pinterest rise.

If you need to know now how to pin videos and photos on Pinterest, watch this video.

Where to get Pinpuff:

To start measuring your pinfluence or influence on Pinterest, click here to join Pinpuff

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