The complete guide to Pinterest place pins

Do you wish you could have a resource to help you locate the best places for travel or to conduct business at? With the recent announcement from Pinterest, now you can with Pinterest place pins.

Pinterest place pins
Pinterest rolls out place pins for travel.

What are Pinterest place pins?

Pinterest had this to say about Place pins:

Place Pins were designed to combine the beautiful imagery of a travel magazine with the utility of a map online so you can share it with friends.

So what does all of this mean?

To sum up things, Pinterest place pins are a way to create pinboards on Pinterest and include a map, location information such as a phone number, and an address that you can share with your followers or invite others to collaborate with you on to curate great places that people should visit.

To use Pinterest place pins, follow the instructions below.

How to use Pinterest place pins

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6 Pinterest Changes in 2013

We’re nearly a quarter of the way through 2013 and there have already been a lot of changes on Pinterest. While change is good, this list of Pinterest changes in 2013 may impact your current social media strategy. As a result, be prepared to spend some time analyzing your current Pinterest strategy as a result of these new changes.

So what has changed on Pinterest in 2013?  The following 6 features have been removed from Pinterest.  We have also provided a recommended fix to make your Pinterest account compliant.  Be sure to update your account to reflect these changes based on our recommendations.

6 Pinterest changes in 2013

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Pinpuff A Tool to Measure Your Influence on Pinterest (with video)


While Klout is a tool to measure your overall social media influence, it does not measure Pinterest.  Fortunately, there’s another social media tool that can help you measure your influence or “pinfluence” on Pinterest called Pinpuff.

What I like about this app:

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