How to block Facebook Pages to limit engagement

Is there a Facebook Page you need to block because they post too much?

Maybe they are engaging in a negative manner through comments?

In this article you’ll learn how to block Facebook Pages so that they can’t interact with your Facebook Profile anymore.

Why block a Facebook Page

One of the main reasons to block a page is because the Facebook Page is being abusive with their posting.

This could be due to sharing unwanted posts, posting excessive commenting, and so on.

Sometimes you also come across a Facebook Page that won’t stop messaging you.

Previously, you spent time removing these unnecessary conversations or messages.

While this only took a short amount of time to do, it adds up quickly.

What gets blocked on a Facebook Page

When you block Facebook Pages, the Facebook Page will not be able to:

  • Interact with your posts

  • Like or reply to your comments

  • Send your page messages

It is important to note that when you block a Facebook Page, you will be unable to post to their Facebook Page or message them.

When you block a Facebook Page, you automatically unlike and unfollow their page.

To learn how to block a Facebook Page, follow these instructions.

How to block Facebook Pages

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