Facebook community management (the right way) with Agorapulse CEO, Emeric Ernoult

Agorapulse CEO, Emeric ErnoultThis interview with Emeric Ernoult, owner of Agorapulse, a Facebook community management tool, is the ninth in an ongoing series of podcasts with individuals doing great things in social media marketing.

I am very honored to have the opportunity to interview Emeric Ernoult from Agorapulse on today’s podcast.

For those of you who are not familiar with Emeric’s work, he created a social media tool called Agorapulse just for helping you better manage Facebook Pages.

Real Facebook community management with Agorapulse

While there are lots of tools on the market that let you manage multiple social networks at one time, Emeric chose to focus on Facebook Page management because it was an area he felt could be improved upon (significantly).

Here are some of the major businesses that use Agorapulse.

Agorapulse clients
List of businesses using Agorapulse.

Obviously, if major businesses are using Agorapulse, it has to be a good social media tool. We tend to agree, because we featured it on our list of 10 Wildfire alternatives for managing Facebook Pages earlier this year.

Just to prepare you, this week’s podcast with Emeric Ernoult clocks in at nearly 50 minutes. If you want to take it with you, it’s also available as a download as well.

Here is a breadown on the topics that Emeric and I talk about on the show.

The good, the bad, and the ugly about Facebook Page management

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App of the day: Xbox LIVE iPhone app

Xbox LIVE app for iPhone and iPad

Microsoft’s latest app for Apple iOS users called Xbox LIVE mobile app just got a sweet update for video game players. Now, you can control content on your Xbox using your iPhone and iPod Touch.  If you’ve ever used an iOS device to control your Apple TV or your iTunes library, you’ll love this because now you can “play, pause, fast forward, and rewind” just by swiping across your device!

While this is my favorite new feature, here’s a quick rundown on the new Xbox LIVE mobile app.

What I like about this app:

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