How to schedule pins on Pinterest [video]

Schedule pins on Pinterest

Pinterest is an extremely powerful social network – provided you use it right. In most cases though, we tend to use Pinterest the wrong way by uploading pins in bulk. Fortunately, there’s a way to solve this problem when you schedule pins on Pinterest.

Why schedule pins on Pinterest?

As I mentioned, a lot of Pinterest users upload too many pins at one time. Not only is this bad for your business (it makes you look like a spammer), but it shows that there is no consistent posting strategy.

Successful Pinterest users don’t vomit their pins onto their followers. Instead, they keep a schedule of when they want to pin items. For example, they pin 1-2 images per hour.

By scheduling pins on Pinterest, this helps you set the tone of your Pinterest channel and let’s your followers get a feel for when they can expect to see new pins from your channel.

How to schedule pins on Pinterest?

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