6 Useful Pinterest Tools to improve engagement and get more repins

In just 2 short years, Pinterest has rocketed to the top of many users favorite social networks.  Weekly visits to Pinterest jumped 2,183% – a staggering increase, given its short life. So how can you take advantage of this popular social network without spending all of your time doing it?

In this article we have compiled 6 useful tools for Pinterest to help you create engaging content, schedule pins, curate pins about your brand, and set Pinterest alerts for your website. Together, you now have a powerful toolbox full of userful Pinterest tools to help you grow your engagement, increase your influence with others and get more repins on Pinterest.

Check out these 6  Pinterest tools to help you create more engaging content and get more repins!

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How to schedule pins on Pinterest [video]

Schedule pins on Pinterest

Pinterest is an extremely powerful social network – provided you use it right. In most cases though, we tend to use Pinterest the wrong way by uploading pins in bulk. Fortunately, there’s a way to solve this problem when you schedule pins on Pinterest.

Why schedule pins on Pinterest?

As I mentioned, a lot of Pinterest users upload too many pins at one time. Not only is this bad for your business (it makes you look like a spammer), but it shows that there is no consistent posting strategy.

Successful Pinterest users don’t vomit their pins onto their followers. Instead, they keep a schedule of when they want to pin items. For example, they pin 1-2 images per hour.

By scheduling pins on Pinterest, this helps you set the tone of your Pinterest channel and let’s your followers get a feel for when they can expect to see new pins from your channel.

How to schedule pins on Pinterest?

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