4 Twitter apps to help you organize yourself better

Twitter organizationOne of the keys to using Twitter regularly, isn’t just using it – when we do this we tend to send out less signal and more noise that just wastes time.  Instead, the key is to learn how it can work for YOU. Start by asking yourself, what challenges do I face with using Twitter.  Is it not understanding the terminology or how to send a tweet Twitter? Maybe I’m good at sending out tweets, but not so good at replying back to other users that have tweeted me back.  By identifying problem area(s) that you need help with, you can begin getting yourself organized and building a strategy around Twitter for yourself or even your business.

Below are 4 of my favorite apps to help you organize yourself better on Twitter.

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3 ways to get people talking about your business!

For business owners, having an online presence is key — especially if you own an online business. Sure, that means having the obvious Facebook page for your business, but what about a Twitter account? Yes, you’ll need one of those too – preferably one that lists your businesses name, website and information and not your own.

Once you’ve setup your Twitter profile – see my Twitter profile tips, the next thing you’ll want to consider doing is to create a Twitter background. Sure, sounds boring, but if you’re creative, you can come up with some pretty nifty designs that make your Twitter profile standout and make you look like a Twitter superstar.

Below are two different types of Twitter accounts that have created a custom background.

Branding yourself:

In the above example, this person has added their person contact information along with a graphic and a larger photo. This is a great use of space, as it helps to let others know how to contact them and where else they can connect with them at.

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