5 Things You Must Do After Creating a Facebook Check-in Deal

5 Facebook check-in deals requirements

Now that you’ve learned how to create Facebook check-in deals, what’s next? If you’re serious about rewarding your customers and getting free marketing and advertising for your Facebook Page in the process, you have to do a little promotion to get the word out about your Facebook check-in deals.

Why promote your Facebook check-in deal?

Just because you’ve created a Facebook check-in deal and posted it on your businesses Facebook Page, doesn’t guarantee that people will flock to it. In fact, if businesses are not seeing your updates from your Facebook Page in their new feed, they definitely are not going to claim your offer because they won’t know about it.

Therefore, it is important that after creating a Facebook check-in deal, you do these five things to spread the word.

5 Things to do After Creating a Facebook Check-in Deal

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How to Create Facebook Check-in Deals [video]

Facebook check-in deals

If your business seems to be struggling with getting more exposure on your Facebook Page, it might be time to learn how to create Facebook check-in deals.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with check-in deals, here’s a summary of check-in deals.

What is a check-in deal?

A Facebook check-in deal is a way to incentivize customers to check-in to your business on Facebook from their mobile devices like a tablet or a smartphone. Anyone with a business (brick and mortar or online) can create a check-in deal to reward customers.

Once someone checks in to your establishment, you can reward them in one of four ways:

  • Individual deal – Offer a discount to an individual for checking in to your business.
  • Friend deal – Offer a discount when your friend brings a friend (or multiple friends) and they check-in together to your business
  • Loyalty deal – Offer a discount, freebie or dollar amount off a purchase to checking in a pre-determined number of times
  • Charity deal – Your business makes a donation to a charity when someone checks in.

But wait, I heard Facebook check-in deals were being replaced.  While InsideFacebook.com published an article back on February 29, 2012, declaring that Check-in Deals were no longer being used, I’ve checked with my sources at Facebook and check-in deals are sticking around!

How to create Facebook check-in deals

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