Google Android photo apps

5 must have photo apps for Android devices

5 must have photo apps for Google Android

While I love the stock apps that come on most smartphones and tablets; often times, they don’t unlock the full potential of the device. For example, they give the user minimal control to color correct a photo or to crop out unwanted portions of a photo. As a result, photos often turn out lackluster when they should have turned out superb.   Fortunately, there are a lot of great photo app alternatives that you can download from the Android Marketplace.

As a heavy smartphone and tablet user, I like to keep a number of different apps on my devices – this way I have choices when deciding what kinds of edits to make to a photo.  To help you sort through the approximately 400,000 Android apps, I’ve selected 5 must have photo apps for Google Android smartphone and tablet owners.


5 must have photo apps for Google Android devices

Photoshop Express


THE standard for photo editing on the desktop or laptop. With Photoshop Express for Google Android devices, users have the ability to make edits to their photos, add artistic borders and filters, and share photos on social networks or with friends and family.




Better than Instagram, Snapbucket let's users snap, style, and easily share photos with old friends and new friends. What's great about Snapbucket are the sheer number of filters users can apply to photos - along with the fact that it's a FREE download. So what will you snap first?




If you're into sharing your photos across social networks like FacebookTwitter, Tumblr, and Foursquare then this app is for you. In addition to great social sharing options, PicPlz let's you apply a myriad of FREE filters to your photos along with the ability to create stickers from your photos.


Retro Camera

 Retro Camera:

Remember those camera from back in the 80's? Yeah, the one's with actual buttons and no touchscreen? With Retro Camera, not only can you relive these memories, but you can also apply 5 vintage looks instantly to your photos and then share them on your favorite social networks.


Camera Zoom FX

Camera Zoom FX:

Image stabilization, the ability to set a timer, even voice activation. What's not to love about the best Google Android photo app, Camera Zoom FX? With over 1 million downloads and a 4.4 star rating (out of 5), this is a go-to app when you want a convenient and feature-packed photo app.



Are there any must have photo apps that you like using on your Google Android smartphone or tablet that I didn’t mention?  Tell us in the comments below.