5 Ways to rename a Facebook Page

5 Ways to rename a Facebook Page

Has your business gone through a rebranding?

Do you have a typo in your Facebook Page name?

Maybe you have more than 200 likes on your Facebook Page and want to rename your page.

This article is going to teach you five ways to rename a Facebook Page.

The problem with renaming a Facebook Page

I mentioned a few of the reasons why you may want to rename your Facebook Page.

While these are just some of the reasons why you need to rename your page, I’m sure there are plenty of other reasons.

The problem with renaming a page is that there are a lot of different ways to do it.

Some of the solutions work on some pages but not on all of them.

As a result, it can be frustrating to use Facebook to grow your business when you’re constantly running into roadblocks to rename your page.

The solution

Renaming a Facebook Page is a question I get a lot.

I’ve compiled some of the ways you can rename your Facebook Page.

Remember, depending on the size of your Facebook audience, some options will work for your page but not others you manage.

Let’s look at some ways you can rename your Facebook Page.

5 Ways to rename a Facebook Page

1. Facebook Page settings menu

The most obvious what to rename your Facebook Page is through your page settings menu.

You can find this setting under the About section below your Facebook cover photo.

Rename a Facebook Page - Page Info
Change your page name under the page info section

2. Request a page name change

If you have more than 200 Facebook Page likes, some Facebook Pages can request a name change.

You can find this option under the Page Info section in the about section.

Request a name change
If you have more than 200 Facebook likes, request a Facebook Page name change

When you request a page name change, you’ll be asked to fill out a form and include an id.

Facebook Page name change request form
Fill out the request form to rename your Facebook Page

3. Zen Mate

If you have tried the request a page name change and you don’t have the option, you can also try Zen Mate.

Rename a Facebook Page using Zen Mate
Zen Mate can help you rename a Facebook Page if you cannot request a change

With Zen Mate, you need to install the Google Chrome extension.

Set your location to USA and then login to your Facebook account.

On your Facebook Page, try to update your info. You should see the option to request a Facebook Page name change.

4. Suggest an edit

Suggest edits on a Facebook Page
Use the suggest an edit feature to rename your Facebook Page

If you’ve been unsuccessful at changing your page name so far, you can try the suggest an edit method.

This will require you to have your friends and fans use the suggest an edit option on Facebook Pages.

Note: This method used to work. It’s worth trying if you need to rename your Facebook Page.

5. Merge pages

If all else fails, the simplest way to rename a Facebook Page is to create a new page and merge them together.

Here are instructions on how to merge Facebook Pages.

If you decide to merge your pages, you’ll be able to transfer your fans, but you won’t be able to keep the Facebook vanity URL.

This method for renaming a Facebook Page is the most reliable for renaming a Facebook Page, because every user should be able to submit a merge request.

It comes at a cost though because the content from your old page won’t transfer to the new Facebook Page.

Over to you

When you’re ready to rename your Facebook Page, start with the first recommendation as this is the easiest way to rename a Facebook Page.

If you have additional questions on renaming your page, don’t hesitate to contact me or setup a free one-on-one coaching session to get help.

Question: What are some reasons why you need to rename your Facebook Page? Leave them in the comments below.