Facebook Video Cards

How to use Facebook Video Cards to say thanks

Did you receive a gift?

Did a client do great work?

Would you like to say thanks?

This article is going to teach you how to use Facebook Video Cards to send someone a thank you.

What are Facebook Video Cards?

Facebook Video Cards are a way to create a personalized video on Facebook to send to your friends.

To date, 200 million video cards have been sent.

Instead of sending someone a private email or handwritten thank you note which only reaches the recipient.

You can send a personalized thank you also called Facebook Videos Cards or a “Say thanks” video in just a few steps.

How to use Facebook Video Cards


Facebook Video Cards
Send Facebook Video Cards to a friend, relative, client or co-worker

Step 1 Login to your Facebook account

Step 2 Visit the Say Thanks page

Step 3 Choose a friend

Send Facebook Video Cards to a Facebook Profile
Send a thank you to a friend on Facebook in just minutes

Step 4 Choose a theme

You can choose from three themes to use with your thank you card.

  • Old Friends
  • Friends
  • Family
Facebook Video Cards themes
Choose a theme for your video cards

Step 5 Choose photos to include

Facebook Video Cards - Photos
Upload your own photos to include with your Facebook Video Cards

Select the photos you would like to include with your video card.

If you have photos that are not on Facebook, you can upload your own.

Once you’ve selected your photos, you can preview your thank you video before sharing it.

Facebook Video Cards - Preview
Preview your video card before sharing it

Step 6 Share your video

If you’re satisfied with how your video looks, click on “share video.”

The video will now be posted on your timeline, the friend will be tagged, and it will be shared on their timeline as well.

You can also choose who should see this video card before you post it.

When you use Facebook Video Cards to say thanks, this will get posted on their timeline as well as on your timeline.

Facebook Video Cards - Sharing
Choose who can see your video card when you share it

Facebook Video Cards on mobile

A lot of people are starting to use Facebook on their mobile devices.

What’s nice about Facebook Video Cards is that you can send a personalized video card from your mobile device as well.

It’s also very easy to use too.

Facebook Video Cards - Mobile
Say thanks from your mobile device

Different ways to use Facebook Video Cards

You probably noticed that Facebook Video Cards are primarily for sending a thank you to a friend.

Here are some ways you can use Facebook Video Cards both personally and professionally.

  • Send a thank you to a friend or relative
  • Thank someone for a gift you received
  • Send a thank you upon signing a new client
  • Thank your business coach if they are doing a good job

Your Turn

Take a moment to send a Facebook Video Card to a friend.

Did you find them easy to create?

Sending Facebook Video Cards can be a fun and interactive way to thank someone and make their day.

Can you think of some ways to use Facebook Video Cards in your personal and professional life?

Leave a comment and name one way you plan to use Facebook Video Cards.