How to Use Facebook Advertising Effectively for the Holidays

A site like Facebook always draws big crowds during the holiday season. Christmas is the most popular, and people across the globe want to keep in touch with one another during this time of year. But people are also in quite a lot of stress during this holiday. They need to find time to shop for gifts and even buy things for themselves.

People are looking for great deals, convenient ways to shop and lucrative promotions. They’re on the hunt for brands catering to their needs, and one way to stand out to them is to play to the overall holiday theme. Using Facebook for business in this fashion allows you to appeal to many more customers outside of your usual niche.

Tips to Improve Your Facebook Marketing this Holiday Season

1: Start Planning Now

The best way to cater to the holiday crowd on Facebook is to start early. You can hold a different themed campaign for every holiday, but you should definitely get the jump. The idea here is that you want to do your research in advance. For instance, you want to see what’s trending for Halloween if you’re running that type of campaign. You want to find out which gifts are most popular and what type of market is doing well around those December holidays.

By planning in advance, you’re able to get your proverbial ducks in a row. From the apps you’ll use to create promotions to testing the effectiveness of different themed ads. Starting early is how you need to approach holiday advertising.

2: Create Themed Pages

Whichever holiday you’re using as your theme, your page should reflect it. Throwing up a holiday tree for the Christmas season is a good idea. The bulbs and lights, reindeer and snowmen, these are good ideas to play into the theme.

For Sponsored Story ads on Facebook, for example, you can create a high-quality holiday themed image and use that, along with a catchy slogan, to really increase awareness of your brand. When one person takes some sort of action, this ad will appear to their friends. It’s spreading the holiday cheer!

3: Run Some Themed Promotions

Another great way to advertise effectively during the holidays is to run holiday promotions. Let’s say that you want to run a Thanksgiving promotion and offer people 40% off of products if they sign up now, or give them some type of free gift. The idea here is to take what would normally be an everyday promotion and gear it toward the holiday in some fashion.

4: Target Your Advertising

If you have an ad-management app like Qwaya, you will be able to create a lot of different ads with different titles, different images, different hashtags, etc, and ultimately test which ad(s) of the bunch you want to go with. You can do this with any ad type, but the point is to figure out which combination of materials will bring you the most return.

So try creating different images that tie into the holiday theme, and toy around with different slogans and different calls to action that have a holiday air about them. It may take you a few tries, but with a program like this you can easily create a winning ad or series of ads. It’s all in the ad itself and the many different targeting options you have available.

5: Be Charitable

A great way to attract positive brand attention is to be a charitable business this holiday season. If fans know that you’re the type of brand willing to help out those less fortunate, they are more likely to do business with you. Of course, you need to follow through and be charitable here, but everybody wins in the long run. Customers get what they want, along with a sense that they helped people in need; you get business, a better brand reputation, and people do receive help; and needy people in the world benefit.

A great way you can do this is to create some type of ad, app, post, banner, etc, that tells people you’re giving 10% of all proceeds to the Salvation Army, Toys for Tots, or another of the many worthy charities out there.

Sites like Facebook are buzzing and bustling with traffic around this time of year. From mid October through the beginning of January, this holiday season gives all types of people reason to reach out to social networking sites and to do business with a variety of brands. Use these tips and position yourself to benefit from this influx of traffic.

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