5 Ways marketers can use Facebook hashtags

Do you include Facebook hashtags in your Facebook Page posts?

With 1.15 billion users, Facebook is an attractive place for businesses to market to customers.

Today I’m going to cover Facebook hashtag usage and how your brand can benefit from using Facebook hashtags.

The role of Facebook hashtags in marketing

While Facebook hashtags don’t seem as popular as on Twitter or Instagram, they can still help your brand.

With 1.15 billion users, Facebook is a great place to put your marketing efforts for your business.

When compared to other social networks, no other network comes close when in terms of active users.

Facebook usage stats
Facebook has 1.15 billion active users.

Facebook hashtag usage

Don’t overdo Facebook hashtags

While users are encouraged to use on average 11 Instagram hashtags, Facebook hashtag usage is much lower.

For example, you don’t want to use them in every post.

You also don’t want to use too many. 2-3 hashtags typically work best for Facebook hashtag usage.

Hashtags must be one word

I often get asked what is a hashtag.

Capitalization isn’t important

When looking at Facebook hashtag usage, remember, capitalization isn’t important.

For example, using #Facebookmarketing instead of #FacebookMarketing will take users to the same hashtag.

Personally, I like to capitalize the second word. This way it is a little easier to read the hashtag.

Don’t blindly pick a hashtag – research it first

When choosing a hashtag, be sure you’ve done some research.

If you’re not sure where to look, try these hashtag tracking tools.

Not only can they save you a lot of time, but you can also see how popular a hashtag is before beginning your Facebook marketing campaign.

PiJnz has put together a great infographic on Facebook hashtag usage.

Be sure to read through these tips on how Facebook hashtags can help your brand.

5 Ways marketers can use Facebook hashtags

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People are looking for great deals, convenient ways to shop and lucrative promotions. They’re on the hunt for brands catering to their needs, and one way to stand out to them is to play to the overall holiday theme. Using Facebook for business in this fashion allows you to appeal to many more customers outside of your usual niche.

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