Facebook hashtag marketing tips

Facebook hashtag marketing tips

Facebook rolled out Facebook hashtags as a way to compete with Twitter, Google Plus, and LinkedIn. While adoption has been slow and feedback has been mixed, they are still an effective way to track conversations on Facebook. Here are some Facebook hashtag marketing tips you can implement now to help you tap into the 1 billion active Facebook users.

Is Facebook hashtag marketing effective?

Not everyone agrees that Facebook hashtags are effective. In fact, some suggest that Facebook hashtags don’t help boost exposure at all.

This is rather surprising because the purpose of Facebook hashtags is to help group conversations across different Facebook profiles and pages and help marketers reach new audiences. To me, this suggests that we need to give Facebook hashtags some more time to develop, as it sounds like they haven’t yet caught on with everyone.

One other surprising stat reported by Consumer Reports is that just 28% of Facebook users make their Facebook posts public.

For those of you using Facebook hashtags, for them to be effective and to reach people, you want to make sure you tell your audience to make any Facebook posts they share that include a Facebook hashtag public. If they don’t make these posts public, this means the posts are not being seen when someone clicks into a hashtag, which means lower exposure.

Missed opportunities with Facebook hashtags

While I have personally used Facebook hashtags in some of my Facebook marketing posts, one thing that I consistently notice is that I’m seeing the same people using Facebook hashtags. This suggests that a lot of people are not using Facebook hashtags (or if they are, they are not setting them to public) so that everyone can see them.

This means there are a lot of missed opportunities for marketers.

This infographic from Prestige Marketing looks at different Facebook hashtag marketing tips to consider implementing in your digital marketing strategy.

Facebook hashtag marketing tips

Here are some of my favorite marketing tips on how you can use Facebook hashtags.

  • Track campaign conversions
  • Track mobile conversations on Facebook
  • Seek out related hashtags to include in your Facebook posts

Facebook hashtag marketing tips

Are you using Facebook hashtags in your marketing efforts? How are the results?

Let us know in the comments below on which Facebook hashtag marketing tips you have tried and which ones worked the best.