Pinterest Dimensions [Infographic]

If you’re looking to use Pinterest to improve engagement and get more repins, the first place you want to start is with your images.  It is important to have the right Pinterest dimensions – not just for your Pinterest account, but also for any images you include on your website or blog.

The reason why you should optimize your website and blog images in addition to having a completed profile on Pinterest is so that when readers pin your images, they look great on Pinterest.  This will benefit you, because if you have great images that people want to repin and they are sized properly, not only will they look great, but people will want to share them with others. This means more traffic back to your website or blog!

To help you out, I’ve created an infographic with all of the Pinterest dimensions you’ll need. 

Pinterest Dimensions

Pinterest dimensions [Infographic]

How to use the Pinterest dimensions infographic

When you’re uploading images to your blog or website, be sure to pay attention to the pinned and repinned image sizes. These are what your images will be resized to when someone pins them from your website or blog.

  • Pinterest profile photo (160 x 165)
  • Pinterest profile about section (200 characters)
  • Pinterest board images (222 x 150)
  • Pinterest board thumbnail images (55 x 55)
  • Pinterest pinned images thumbnail (32 x 32)
  • Pinterest pinned images (192 x infinity)
  • Pinterest repinned images thumbnail (49 x 49)
  • Pinterest repinned images (600 x infinity)

Remember, there’s nothing more disappointing than pinning an image that is too small on Pinterest. One, readers will have a hard time seeing it.  Two, if an image was pinned from your website or blog and it was too small, it makes the rest of your site look bad to readers.

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If you find this Pinterest dimensions infographic helpful, feel free to hover over the image and click the “pin it” button and add it to your own pinboards.

Happy pinning!