Shoulderpod S1 review

Shoulderpod S1 Review – How to film better videos with your smartphone

Shoulderpod S1 review

Have you ever tried to take videos or photos with your smartphone only to have them turn out shaky or blurry?

Or maybe you tried to take a selfie at a conference and someone accidentally bumped your arm and you dropped your expensive phone and shattered the screen.

Don’t worry, you’re not alone. I’m very protective of my smartphone too and worry about something happening to it as well because it’s a tool I use daily in my business.

Today I’m going to review a product called the Shoulderpod S1 smartphone rig and show you how it can help you film better videos, take better photos, and help you create more quality content for your business.

What is the Shoulderpod S1

Shoulderpod S1 smartphone rig
The Shoulderpod S1 smartphone rig

The Shoulderpod S1 is a 3-in-1 mount for your smartphone.

Basically, it’s a tool you attach to your phone to help stabilize it.

This way whenever you are shooting a video or taking photos you don’t have to worry about your phone moving and messing up your shot.

Here’s what I think about the Shoulderpod S1 and how it can help you in your business.

Shoulderpod S1 review

To show you how this works with your smartphone, I recorded a video of my Shoulderpod S1 review and also went into more detail below on each of its features.

This way you can get an idea of how it works and its overall size.

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As I mentioned, the Shoulderpod S1 is a 3-in-1 device.

It can be used as a tripod mount, as a filmmaker’s grip, or as a stand.

What makes the Shoulderpod S1 unique is that unlike most tools, it does all three things extremely well.

Let’s look at each one and how you can use them when taking photos and videos for your business.

1. Tripod mount

Shoulderpod S1 smartphone rig - Tripod Mount
Record less shaky video using the Shoulderpod S1 smartphone rig with a tripod

The first way to use the Shoulderpod S1 professional smartphone rig is as a tripod mount.

You can easily attach it to a mini-tripod for when you want to film a quick video.

Alternatively, you can also use this with a larger tripod to capture an entire event.

In either case, you’ll end up with content that looks very professional.

2. Filmmaker grip

Shoulderpod S1 smartphone rig
Take better selfie’s with the Shoulderpod S1 professional smartphone rig

A second way to use the Shoulderpod S1 professional smartphone rig is as a filmmaker’s grip.

This comes in handy in a number of situations.

For example, you can use it to take a selfie with a group without worrying about dropping your phone.

Alternatively, if you want to film video and don’t want the camera to be shaky when panning back and forth, you can do that too.

What’s also great is that it fits nearly every smartphone. Even one that uses a case.

I’m currently using it with an iPhone 6 Plus without any issues but you can use the Shoulderpod S1 with practically any smartphone on the market.

3. Traveler stand

Shoulderpod S1 smartphone rig - Stand
Using the Shoulderpod S1 with an iPhone 6 Plus

A third way to use the Shoulderpod S1 professional smartphone rig is as stand.

It works in both portrait and landscape mode which is nice.

This way you can prop your smartphone up if you want to make a video call, watch a training, read a book, or work on a presentation.

How can it help your business?

Your smartphone is a valuable tool you can’t overlook using in your business.

If you have been ignoring creating and sharing photos and videos for your business, consider these statistics on visual content.

According to the social video starter guide, by 2017, video traffic will be 67% of all consumer web traffic.

I currently use my Shoulderpod S1 to film a lot of my YouTube videos.

In most cases, I don’t have someone to hold the camera and so this is very helpful!

Here are some other ways you can use it with your own business:

  • Use a tripod and film the intro to your videos
  • Take a team photo
  • Take product photos for your website
  • Capture short videos of your product in use
  • Film videos to use on your YouTube channel, Facebook Page or Instagram account
  • Record your favorite sessions at events
  • Attach the filmmaker’s grip to take a selfie with your mentor or team
  • Create a short video series
  • Record a video podcast with conference attendees

Value for the money

As far as price, the Shoulderpod S1 smartphone rig runs just $34.99 which puts it on the high-end of other mounts.

What makes it worth it is that the quality of the Shoulderpod S1 is superior to other similar products.

It is made out of high quality materials so you don’t have to worry about bumping it or breaking it.

One other thing I like is that when you upgrade devices, you won’t have to keep buying accessories because the S1 is adjustable.

This way you can use it with smaller devices all the way up to the iPhone 6 Plus and Galaxy Note – with and without a case.

The verdict

I’ve spent a lot of time reviewing different types of smartphone mounts.

Most of the ones I looked at were either very cheaply made or didn’t fit my smartphone.

With the Shoulderpod S1, I’ve found something that is affordable, high quality, and versatile.

It allows me to use my smartphone not just for connecting with customers and prospects, but to capture better photos and video with my smartphone.

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Over to you

I hope you found this Shoulderpod S1 review helpful.

I’m looking forward to using it more over the holidays and for a video series I’m filming.

Question: When taking photos and videos with your smartphone, what are some of your favorite must-have accessories?