3 Facebook Recommendations Box alternatives

Have you consider Facebook recommendations box alternatives?

While the Facebook recommendations box can be a valuable tool for businesses, it’s not perfect. It’s also not always available.

In fact, it was down for a little over a few weeks in late June. This meant that businesses who were using it on their Facebook Page had to find an alternative.

What was odd was that while it didn’t work on laptops, businesses could access the Facebook recommendations box on mobile devices and direct customers to leave a recommendation there. While this was a work-around, it meant complicating the experience for fans and customers and making it more difficult to collect feedback from them.

To me, this is an unsatisfactory solution and when a tool that businesses rely on daily to collect feedback from customers doesn’t work, it’s not something that I recommend keeping around.

Fortunately, the Facebook recommendations box did come back, but what happens when Facebook removes this feature or takes more than a few weeks to fix this valuable business tool?

As I have mentioned on numerous occasions, don’t put all of your marketing eggs in the Facebook basket and trust that they will be around forever. Just look at MySpace. Nothing lasts forever.

Based on the spottiness of Facebook, there are a number of alternatives that you can use to collect feedback from customers and fans. We’ve highlighted a few of our favorites Facebook recommendations box alternatives that you can implement to collect feedback from fans and customers.

3 Facebook Recommendations Box alternatives

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