Pinterest for ecommerce

A lot of people think that Pinterest is only good for a handful of things – saving and sharing fashion, designs, and recipes you find online. Don’t let it fool you though. You can use Pinterest for business. You can even use Pinterest for ecommerce.

In fact, there are approximately 46.9 million monthly active users on Pinterest right now. . That’s a staggering number, considering just one year ago, there were only 12.2 million monthly active users on Pinterest.

So just why is Pinterest for ecommerce so important? Here are few stats that you need to be aware of as an ecommerce business that can affect your online sales.

Important facts about using Pinterest for ecommerce

90% of the users on @Pinterest are women. .

61% of women influence consumer electronic buying decisions. . [Source]

Pinterest driving more traffic to websites than Twitter for ecommerce businesses. .

As an ecommerce business, what can you do to tap into the large number of monthly active users on Pinterest?

This infographic on Pinterest for ecommerce helps breakdown steps you can take with your business to leverage Pinterest as a marketing channel.

Tips on using Pinterest for ecommerce

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