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Why your Facebook Page does not need Timeline to succeed

Lately, I’ve had a number of people emailing me – asking when will I get Timeline on my Facebook Page. Unfortunately, Facebook Profiles are just now receiving this update – and it usually takes users time to adapt to these new changes, so that means Facebook Pages will need to wait…a while.

McDonald's Timeline for Facebook Pages

But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You see, while Timeline is a great tool for Facebook Profiles — it did help Tim Tebow amass 1.4 million Facebook subscribers, Timeline for Facebook Pages isn’t so compelling – there are a number of reasons why you don’t really need Timeline and here’s the proof.

What Timeline can do for Facebook Pages:

  • Stronger brand presence – give fans an inside look into your product, your website, your service and all of the great things you can offer them.
  • Promote your product through the Facebook Covers feature – show off a rare prototype, an upcoming line, etc…
  • Let users see a timeline about your brand – did you start out of a garage, what were the first products like?

Why you don’t need Timeline on your Facebook Pages:

  • Less than 1% of Facebook users visit your Facebook Page – most just click the “like” button and never return to your page.
  • 80% of Facebook users consume your content in their newsfeed – no profile visits, no page visits
  • 10-75% of Facebook users don’t see your posts
  • 0.1 – 4% of Facebook users like or comment
  • Your newsfeed doesn’t contain every post that you post – just the important ones

Source: Facebook Page marketing mistakes

The Takeaway:

While Timeline for Facebook is a great new feature, it’s still just eye candy. With most users consuming your updates from a mobile device or primarily in their newsfeed, the chances of them seeing that great Timeline cover that you spent hours creating, are slim. The hard truth is that users rarely visit your Facebook profile or your Facebook Page – they subscribe to it, click a like button on a website or take some other action to find out more. I believe in numbers, not features.

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