[Download] 2012 Facebook Page Photoshop Templates

For those of you who are looking to customize your new 2012 Facebook Page, I’ve put together a handful of Adobe Photoshop PSD files to help you customize your Facebook Page layout – and make the transition as smooth as possible.

If you don’t have Adobe Photoshop or Adobe Elements, here are a 11 free Adobe Photoshop alternatives that you can use instead to get the job done. Also, feel free to work in stages, such as updating your Timeline cover photo and profile photo first (since these are the most viewed items on your Facebook Page).

Facebook Page Photoshop Templates

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Why Facebook Milestones are the next big thing for Facebook Pages

Facebook Milestones for Facebook Timeline

Yesterday, Facebook released an update to Facebook Pages. This new update adds in the hotly debated Timeline to Facebook Pages.  While some Facebook users dislike the new Timeline feature, I actually like it – and here’s why.

In addition to being able to share photos, videos, status updates and links to content on their Facebook Timeline, Facebook Page owners now have the ability to add in milestones as well. Facebook Milestones are essentially historical moments in the history of a business, a brand, a product, even a band.  With Facebook Milestones, Facebook Pages takes on a much needed level of depth.

For example, Tiffany’s now has a Facebook Page complete with milestones about the company’s rich history. New organizations such as the NY Times have also done an incredible job of not only showcasing current news, but also of providing a very detailed and thorough listing of the NY Times throughout its lustrous history.

What this means is that in addition to sharing current content, Facebook Page owners can now show off the present as well as their storied past by adding milestones to their Facebook Page Timeline.  This means you can now let fans share in the history of your product – think of it like Wikipedia.  What I like most about Facebook Pages’ new feature, it now let’s page owners tell their past to help bring fans up to speed about the page – where it came from, where it’s at, and where it’s going.

Obviously, your Facebook Page won’t write its own milestones – it will be up to Facebook Page owners to do this. For those page owners who take the time to complete a detailed view of their past, they can expect to see a nice boost from this though because it will help to make your Facebook Page more sticky.

By adding in lots of great content to keep fans on your page (or at least looking for your content), you can expect to see higher levels of interaction, the more you share!

To learn how to add Facebook Milestones to your Facebook Pages, watch this brief video tutorial on Facebook Milestones.

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Why your Facebook Page does not need Timeline to succeed

Lately, I’ve had a number of people emailing me – asking when will I get Timeline on my Facebook Page. Unfortunately, Facebook Profiles are just now receiving this update – and it usually takes users time to adapt to these new changes, so that means Facebook Pages will need to wait…a while.

McDonald's Timeline for Facebook Pages

But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. You see, while Timeline is a great tool for Facebook Profiles — it did help Tim Tebow amass 1.4 million Facebook subscribers, Timeline for Facebook Pages isn’t so compelling – there are a number of reasons why you don’t really need Timeline and here’s the proof.

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How to create a Facebook Timeline cover

Custom Facebook Timeline cover - Christian Karasiewicz
Facebook isn’t just a place to post your family photos or your favorite links to your website or your buiness. Rather, it’s a portal – a way to help you connect not only with friends and family, but also with other new and interesting people.

With the introduction of Facebook Timeline, users now have the ability to show-off what makes them tick with a custom cover for their Facebook profile. This can be a single photo that fills your Facebook profile – or a custom one like above. One thing to note, Facebook Timeline is only available for Facebook profiles at the moment, but I suspect that Facebook pages will get this extremely beneficial feature sometime in 2012.

Why use a custom Timeline cover?

By going with a custom Facebook Timeline cover, it gives you the ability to show your Facebook friends along with potential new ones, a look inside your life. By giving others a view into your life and what makes you tick, you’ll have the ability to connect with other people who also share a similar passion.

For example, in my custom Facebook Timeline cover, I’ve added a few photos from people I have met along with personal photos.  If you are a real estate agent, you could design your Facebook Timeline cover  to where it showcases you selling homes (or even some of the homes you have available). If you’re an actor, you could show scenes from you on the set of your latest project. Business owners can benefit from a custom Facebook Timeline cover by showing pictures of their store, their store signage, along with some of their top-selling products.

Creating your custom Facebook Timeline cover

Once you’ve decided on what to use for your Facebook Timeline Cover, the last thing to do is to create it! To help you get started, I’ve included a link to a FREE Facebook Timeline cover template that I have created along with instructions.

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