Changing your affiliation with the Facebook Pages follow button

Facebook has been making a lot of updates to Facebook Pages over the past few months. Not only did they roll out the Facebook reviews button, which let’s fans leave a review about a business, but now they have now rolled out the Facebook Pages follow button.

While the follow button was a feature they were testing for Facebook Pages in October, it’s finally here.

What this means is that instead of liking every Facebook Page, fans and customers have a choice. They can like a page or choose to follow Facebook Pages.

I consider this to be a major announcement because it changes the level to which fans and customers can engage with a Facebook Page.

Changing interactions with Facebook Pages

Previously, the Facebook follow button was a feature only reserved for Facebook Profiles.

This gave people the opportunity to friend people they knew personally and to follow people they didn’t.

For example, most people would send a friend request to a family member and follow a celebrity or public figure. This way they would be able to see updates from both people in their news feed without being friends with everyone.

Now, instead of liking a Facebook Page by becoming a fan and liking their page, you can choose to follow a page instead.

Following vs. Liking a Facebook Page

As I mentioned, this is pretty significant. Here’s why.

Previously, in order to interact with a Facebook Page, you could add them to an interest list or if you wanted to see their updates in your news feed, you had to like their page.

This is great if it’s someone you know and you support their business. But what if you want to see their updates in your news feed, but you don’t really want to endorse them (because that’s what liking a page essentially does). There really was no other option.

With the follow button for Facebook Pages, now you can selectively choose which pages you like and which ones you follow.

In both situations, this solves the problem of seeing their updates in the news feed and it let’s fans and customers be more selective about which pages they endorse to their friends.

How to use the Facebook Pages follow button

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Gaining followers with the Facebook follow button

Do you have content you want to share with people you are not friends with on Facebook? Instead of adding people you don’t know, you can add the Facebook follow button.

Why add the Facebook follow button?

The Facebook follow button is a great tool to use when you want to let people you don’t know see your updates without being Facebook friends.

This protects your Facebook Profile so that people who follow you cannot see your email address, date of birth, etc.

When you follow someone on Facebook, this also adds their status updates to your news feed.

According to Facebook, here’s why you should add the Facebook follow button,

You should only add someone as a friend when you know them personally. If you don’t know someone personally but want to hear what they have to say, following them is a good option. When you follow someone, you’ll only be able to see their public updates.

For people you are already friends with, you will see a Friends button. Use this button to unfollow their posts without unfriending them.

To turn on the Facebook follow button on your Facebook Profile, follow the instructions below.

How to add the Facebook follow button

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