Tutorial: Facebook RSS Feed, How to Find Yours [video]

Facebook RSS Feed

News flash, your Facebook Page and Facebook Profile have their own Facebook RSS feed. With an RSS feed, you can a lot of amazing things.

For example, you can subscribe to specific Facebook Pages or Facebook Profiles using an RSS reader. You’re not limited though to just using your Facebook RSS Feed in an RSS reader though. You can also embed it in websites and include it in applications like Pulse to make it easy to see what your friends and favorite Facebook Pages are up to.

You can also add your Facebook Page to Feedly to create a Facebook news feed organizer.

While there are a lot of different ways you can use a Facebook RSS Feed, it’s challenging to find it.  To help you out, this tutorial shows you how to find your Facebook RSS feed.

How to build your Facebook RSS Feed

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Social Media Hex Color Codes

Social Media Color Hex Codes

Knowing the right social media color when working in Adobe Photoshop Elements or your favorite graphics program can help save you valuable time when you need to create a social media icon or match your design to your favorite social network.

Here’s a list of the the hex codes for your favorite social media sites. Be sure to bookmark this page this way you have the right social media colors when you need them.

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