7 Social media statistics that might surprise you

A few years ago, many people were asking the question, is social media a fad?

Today, more and more businesses are relying on social media to complement their overall marketing plan.

This is because social media is seen as a low cost alternative to traditional marketing.

As a result, this makes it a very attractive option for businesses that don’t have a huge marketing budget to work with.

In this article, I’m going to cover seven social media statistics that you can apply to your business to help generate higher engagement, more sales, and help you reach the right audience.

7 Social media statistics

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How to schedule and backdate Facebook posts

Do you need to backdate Facebook posts on your Facebook Page to fill in your companies history?

Are you going to be at a conference and need to schedule Facebook Page posts ahead of time?

This article will show you how to schedule and backdate Facebook posts on your Facebook Page.

Why backdate Facebook posts?

One of the most overlooked features on a Facebook Page is the ability to backdate Facebook posts.

With the backdating posts feature, this allows companies with a deep history to be able to share it on their Facebook Page.

For example, do you know the history of McDonald’s and how they got started?

You can also check out Time Magazine on Facebook. They have done a great job filling in the history of their magazine by adding in past covers and articles from old magazines.

Benefits of backdating Facebook Page posts

One thing I like about Facebook Pages that backdate their Facebook posts is that it gets them to focus on their true content.  Too many times do I see pages posting quotes and photos that are unrelated to their business.

In most cases, their current content is getting little engagement with fans, so they’re moving away from focusing on their business and filling up their page with content that won’t add much value in the long run.

The importance of scheduling Facebook posts

Besides backdating Facebook Page content, you can also schedule content to go out.

For example, you can’t be speaking at a week-long conference and expect to keep your Facebook fans updated.

In this situation, you may want to schedule a few Facebook posts ahead of time when you know you will be out.

This way there is some engagement happening on your Facebook Page.

To schedule and backdate posts on Facebook, follow these instructions.

How to backdate Facebook posts

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