Mailshot Pro – Group emails done right!

As our lives only get more busy, eventually, we reach a point where it becomes a matter of cutting corners just so that we can save a few precious seconds. With that in mind, I wanted to share one of my favorite email apps for those of you who spend a good deal of time glued to their Apple iPhone or iPad. It’s called Mailshot Pro.

Mailshot Pro - Create group emails in iOS


What I like about Mailshot Pro:

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5 must have photo apps for Android devices

5 must have photo apps for Google Android

While I love the stock apps that come on most smartphones and tablets; often times, they don’t unlock the full potential of the device. For example, they give the user minimal control to color correct a photo or to crop out unwanted portions of a photo. As a result, photos often turn out lackluster when they should have turned out superb.   Fortunately, there are a lot of great photo app alternatives that you can download from the Android Marketplace.

As a heavy smartphone and tablet user, I like to keep a number of different apps on my devices – this way I have choices when deciding what kinds of edits to make to a photo.  To help you sort through the approximately 400,000 Android apps, I’ve selected 5 must have photo apps for Google Android smartphone and tablet owners.


5 must have photo apps for Google Android devices

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5 retina display apps for the new Apple iPad

5 retina display apps for the new iPad
The new Apple iPad is out! So who’s excited? New and improved camera (5 megapixels), faster processor (A5x), and voice dictation. But what about the apps? In addition to much improved internals, the best new feature is the retina display, which now displays items at a rate of 2048×1536 – compared to just 1024×768 on the Apple iPad 2 and original Apple iPad. So what does this mean? More pixels, meaning sharper images, apps and movies – and text will look more crisp.

So how can you put this to use on your new Apple iPad?  By downloading apps. To help you out, I’ve put together a list of 5 must-have retina display apps for the new Apple iPad to show off your new Apple iPad’s remarkable screen.

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Why Blockbuster will overtake Netflix

Don’t get me wrong – I love me some Netflix. It’s like a smorgasbord of every movie imaginable (well most of them) and even includes dessert or did when they served up a streaming app for your smartphone for free. That was just a few weeks ago.

Here are 3 reasons why I feel Blockbuster will overtake Netflix
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Apple launches iCloud, looks to compete with Amazon and Google

Earlier this week, Steve Jobs, the CEO of Apple, unveiled a long-awaited new service — iCloud. Upon initial glance, it seemed more like a revamped version of MobileMe, and it kind of is, except a much more powerful service.

With iCloud, users can seamlessly download any music, apps and books (hopefully there is more to come) that they have purchased through iTunes to any iOS device using simply their Apple ID.  What this means is no more cords, more free-time (no more backing up apps), and the ability to keep all of your iOS devices in sync with just one download.

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How to run Adobe flash on your Apple iPad 2

When Apple announced the Apple iPad, it was extremely well-received in the market. So much so, that lines formed practically everywhere and prices on the gray market nearly doubled. I’ll admit, I also spent some time in line too.

For most users though who purchased the Apple iPad 2 as a laptop replacement, you’re probably feeling a little burned, since it does a lot of things great, but unfortunately, doesn’t let you play Adobe Flash games or visit websites built using Flash.

Luckily, one of the strongpoints  to the iPad (and the entire Apple ecosystem), are the thousands of apps available in the app store, which help you expand the capabilities.

While I’m not much of a flash user, I do run across the occasional website that I can’t view on my Apple iPad. Fortunately, there is a solution for viewing Flash websites and playing Flash games on your iPad – it doesn’t require you to jailbreak the iPad either (win)!

Here’s a brief video on how to run Adobe Flash on your Apple iPad.

Note: this works on both the iPad 1 and 2.

YouTube Preview Image

So I have to ask, do you feel your Apple tablet could replace your laptop? What other features does it need?