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10 Things you didn’t know you could do with your Facebook Page

It’s hard to believe that Facebook has been around for nearly 10 years. Over time, it has evolved from being a place to socialize with friend and family to being a place you can conduct business. We have put together a list of 10 Facebook best practices that you can put into practice now on your Facebook Page.

Take a look at this comprehensive list of best practices and let me know which ones are new for you and which ones you currently use in your social media marketing efforts.

10 Facebook best practices for your Facebook Page

1. Text to like a Facebook Page

Text to like a Facebook Page is a convenient way to quickly like Facebook Pages.

To receive updates from a Facebook Page via text message, simply text 32665 and in your message, say Like USERNAME.

For example, my Facebook Page URL is www.facebook.com/askck. You would enter “Like askck” to like a Facebook Page and begin receiving updates.

Facebook best practices - Text to like
Facebook best practices: Text to like a Facebook Page.



2. Facebook embedded posts

Facebook embedded posts are a convenient way to share your Facebook Page posts within your blog or website.

Here is an example of Facebook embedded posts. Notice that you can engage with my Facebook content even though you are not on Facebook.

3. Edit your link thumbnails

When you share a link on your Facebook Page, sometimes Facebook doesn’t pick-up the image you want to use. Fortunately, you can edit Facebook link thumbnail images.

When you edit Facebook link thumbnails, this let’s you upload your own image to include with your website links.

In addition to changing the link thumbnail image that is shared on Facebook, you can also click the title or description and edit that information as well on your Facebook Page.

Upload your own Facebook link thumbnail image on your Facebook Page
Facebook best practices: Edit Facebook link thumbnail image

4. Schedule posts

Most of you probably use social media tools like Hootsuite or Buffer to schedule out your updates. Did you know, you can schedule Facebook Page updates from your Facebook Page.

Personally, I recommend scheduling posts on Facebook because they allow you to tag other Facebook Pages and include hashtags. This is something that Hootsuite and Buffer do not offer.


5. Re-position photos

Another one of my recommended Facebook best practices for Facebook Pages is to re-position photos.

This is a valuable tool because whenever you share a photo on your Facebook Page, Facebook centers the image. This is great if your image is a square; however if it isn’t this can cause your messaging to get lost.

By using the re-position feature on your Facebook Page, you can choose which parts of an image a user sees on the images you share on your Facebook Page.


6. Highlight posts

If you have content that you want to highlight for fans, you want to use the highlight posts feature.

The highlight posts feature let’s you share content that fills the entire width of your Facebook Page. This is great for large banners on your Facebook Page.


7. Search posts and status updates

Facebook recently rolled out the ability to search Facebook posts using Facebook Graph Search. This will allow you to find posts and status updates that were shared on Facebook.

Facebook best practices - Search Facebook posts using Facebook Graph Search.
Facebook best practices: Search Facebook posts using Facebook Graph Search

This information is valuable because you can now use this information to find posts and photos that your fans may have shared with their Facebook friends.

If you want to learn more about your fans on your Facebook Page, you can also use these Facebook Graph Search marketing tips to find out who your fans are, their interests, and more so that you can better target them with the content that you share.

8. Edit posts

Previously, if you made a mistake on your Facebook Page, you had to delete a Facebook post that you shared. Now, you can edit Facebook posts after you have published them.

Here is brief video on how to edit Facebook posts.


9. Pin to top

Pin to top is one of my favorite features on Facebook Pages.

What this allows you to do is write a status update and then pin it to the top of your Facebook Page. This way the post is pinned to the top of your Facebook Page and your fans do not have to scroll down to find it.

Here is a short demo on using the Facebook pin to top feature on your Facebook Page.


10. Leave a review

The Facebook reviews button is a new feature for Facebook Pages. This replaces the Facebook recommendations box.

When you add the Facebook reviews button, this allows your fans and customers to leave a review about your business on your Facebook Page.

Here is a short demo on how to include this Facebook best practice on your Facebook Page.


Wrap-up on Facebook best practices

These are just 10 Facebook best practices that you can begin using on your Facebook Page.

Which of these do you currently use and which of these Facebook best practices do you plan to try out on your Facebook Page?

Leave a comment below with your feedback.