Facebook Help – Master Resource List [Bookmark]

Facebook Help

Over the years, I’ve been compiling a master list of helpful Facebook resources.  Below is a list of important links to know and bookmark anytime you need Facebook help.

This list of Facebook Help resources covers everything from Facebook Profiles, Facebook Pages, Facebook Groups, Events, Facebook mobile, Facebook Ads, along with a few interesting links for reporting abusive content and more.

Be sure to bookmark this blog post so that you have all of these forms accessible.

Facebook help – Master resource list

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How to create a Facebook Timeline cover

Custom Facebook Timeline cover - Christian Karasiewicz
Facebook isn’t just a place to post your family photos or your favorite links to your website or your buiness. Rather, it’s a portal – a way to help you connect not only with friends and family, but also with other new and interesting people.

With the introduction of Facebook Timeline, users now have the ability to show-off what makes them tick with a custom cover for their Facebook profile. This can be a single photo that fills your Facebook profile – or a custom one like above. One thing to note, Facebook Timeline is only available for Facebook profiles at the moment, but I suspect that Facebook pages will get this extremely beneficial feature sometime in 2012.

Why use a custom Timeline cover?

By going with a custom Facebook Timeline cover, it gives you the ability to show your Facebook friends along with potential new ones, a look inside your life. By giving others a view into your life and what makes you tick, you’ll have the ability to connect with other people who also share a similar passion.

For example, in my custom Facebook Timeline cover, I’ve added a few photos from people I have met along with personal photos.  If you are a real estate agent, you could design your Facebook Timeline cover  to where it showcases you selling homes (or even some of the homes you have available). If you’re an actor, you could show scenes from you on the set of your latest project. Business owners can benefit from a custom Facebook Timeline cover by showing pictures of their store, their store signage, along with some of their top-selling products.

Creating your custom Facebook Timeline cover

Once you’ve decided on what to use for your Facebook Timeline Cover, the last thing to do is to create it! To help you get started, I’ve included a link to a FREE Facebook Timeline cover template that I have created along with instructions.

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How to tag photos on your Facebook page or profile

As I previously mentioned, Facebook now allows you to tag other pages in photos. This is a welcomed addition for Facebook page users.  Another new addition is how you can tag Facebook photos.

Previously, users had to go through each individual photo to tag them.  Now you can tag photos from within a photo album without having to view them. This technique can even be applied to Facebook pages and profiles (yeah, some consistency!).

With more of our time being occupied in organizing digital media, Facebook can add another feather to its cap – a time-saver. Here’s a brief video on additional ways that you can tag photos in Facebook.

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The importance of having a photo on your social networking accounts

Let’s face it – or not face it. Social networking is hear to stay and we better be ready to start adopting it.  It’s practically everywhere. It influences our buying habits based on what our friends have recommended. It offers us discounts for checking into stores like Banana Republic, Macy’s and H&M to name a few.  We even receive free food and discounts at some restaurants (more obviously to follow) just for liking a businesses Facebook page.

With so many businesses beginning to up their online social media game, don’t you think it’s time you upped your game too?  The first place you can start is with your profile picture.  Did you know, your profile picture is a vital part of connecting with others.

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How to expose your business through an email signature

Probably a simple tip, but a very effective one at that. If you are serious about exposing any of the following:

  • Website
  • Blog
  • Facebook profile
  • Twitter profile
  • LinkedIn profile
  • Facebook business page
  • Photographs you have on Flickr
  • Etc…

Consider creating an email signature with links to these accounts. This way while you’re getting traffic to your sites, making connections through your content; you’re also connecting with the people you correspond with through email.

Need to learn how to insert your signature in a specific program like Outlook, Gmail, Yahoo, your Twitter background? Connect with me and I’ll be glad to help you out.

Facebook EdgeRank Explained [video]

When you login to your Facebook profile, you’ll see your Facebook news feed, filled with a different types of content such as website links, photos, videos and more. What most users don’t know though is that everything you interact with on Facebook does not show up in your news feed. Instead, this is controlled by something called Facebook EdgeRank.

Facebook EdgeRank

What is Facebook EdgeRank?

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5 RSS Apps for Facebook Pages

How many of you want an easier way to display some of your favorite blog content on your Facebook Page or Facebook profile? Thanks to these 5 handy RSS Feed apps for Facebook, you can supplement your status updates with lots of great content.

Networked Blogs

Networked blogs Facebook App

Networked Blogs

One of my favorite RSS feed Facebook Apps. This one is FREE. With Networked Blogs, you can post multiple blogs and allow fans to easily share posts with their friends.

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RSS Tab Facebook App

RSS Tab App

With RSS Tab App, you can publish up to 5 different blogs on your Facebook Page at one time. RSS Tab App also lets you customize the look of you blog links.

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Shortstack Facebook App

Shortstack App

Shortstack App is another great option for Facebook Pages. This app offers lots of customization - in addition to just the ability to display RSS Feeds from your blogs.
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Social RSS

Social RSS Facebook App

Social RSS

With Social RSS, you can customize your Facebook Page - as well as your profile. Like Shortstack App and RSS Tab App, you can display multiple blogs. This allows you the opportunity to share more content with your friends and fans.

Install app

RSS Graffiti

RSS Graffiti Facebook App

RSS Graffiti

RSS Graffiti

posts any RSS Feed to your Facebook Page. By posting multiple blogs to your Facebook Page, you can share some of your favorite content with your fans from other websites.

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So why should you supplement your content with other content?

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