36 power tips for Pinterest users

With just under 10.4 million users in June 2012, Pinterest became the fastest growing social network ever, growing at a rate of 400% month-over-month. That’s pretty staggering, considering Pinterest hasn’t been around that long.

Couple that with the fact that Pinterest is a significant driver of traffic to websites, just behind Google, and you have a powerful social network along with a tremendous opportunity to leverage for your business.

Pinterest is the 5th largest referral site of traffic for one particular e-commerce site,  just behind Google, their affiliate program, and their newsletter

Below are just a few of things I love about Pinterest.

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[Download] Pinterest Infographic

Pinterest dimensions - Infographic

For those of you who are just getting started with Pinterest, it is important to know the proper dimensions.  This way you are producing quality images or videos and can maximize your opportunities to have your pinned images repinned by others.

To help you out, I’ve put together this Pinterest Dimensions infographic – complete with all of the proper sizes and tidbits of information you need to know to be effective on Pinterest.

Pinterest dimensions

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How to schedule pins on Pinterest [video]

Schedule pins on Pinterest

Pinterest is an extremely powerful social network – provided you use it right. In most cases though, we tend to use Pinterest the wrong way by uploading pins in bulk. Fortunately, there’s a way to solve this problem when you schedule pins on Pinterest.

Why schedule pins on Pinterest?

As I mentioned, a lot of Pinterest users upload too many pins at one time. Not only is this bad for your business (it makes you look like a spammer), but it shows that there is no consistent posting strategy.

Successful Pinterest users don’t vomit their pins onto their followers. Instead, they keep a schedule of when they want to pin items. For example, they pin 1-2 images per hour.

By scheduling pins on Pinterest, this helps you set the tone of your Pinterest channel and let’s your followers get a feel for when they can expect to see new pins from your channel.

How to schedule pins on Pinterest?

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8 types of images that work on Pinterest

8 image types for maximum repins on PinterestPinterest, a social network with around 11.7 million plus monthly visitors, is the fastest growing social network (until something better comes along). Now I know what you’re thinking – another social network to join, how do you find the time?

Unlike other social networks, one thing that sets Pinterest apart is that it isn’t about games or apps or tweets nor is it about having to approve a friend request in order for someone to look at your updates. Instead, it’s all about images (and videos), so lets get started!

8 types of images that work well on Pinterest

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Pinpuff A Tool to Measure Your Influence on Pinterest (with video)


While Klout is a tool to measure your overall social media influence, it does not measure Pinterest.  Fortunately, there’s another social media tool that can help you measure your influence or “pinfluence” on Pinterest called Pinpuff.

What I like about this app:

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Social Media Hex Color Codes

Social Media Color Hex Codes

Knowing the right social media color when working in Adobe Photoshop Elements or your favorite graphics program can help save you valuable time when you need to create a social media icon or match your design to your favorite social network.

Here’s a list of the the hex codes for your favorite social media sites. Be sure to bookmark this page this way you have the right social media colors when you need them.

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