Recruiting with Facebook Graph Search

When Facebook Graph Search was announced, a lot of people cheered because Facebook search was overdo for a fix. While Facebook Graph Search was promoted as a tool to help you improve the quality of your searches within your friends and existing connections, Facebook Graph Search can be used for a lot more. One example is recruiting with Facebook Graph Search.

Why recruiting with Facebook Graph Search achieves better results

Anyone who is in the business of recruiting knows how difficult it can be to find a qualified candidate. Fortunately, all you need is an Internet connection and Facebook and you can now span the entire globe to help your business find the ideal candidate for a job.

Factor in the ability to search 1,000,000,000 (1 billion) users and you have quite a talent pool to pick from.

So how does recruiting with Facebook Graph Search work?

Let’s say you run a business for a sports team and you’re looking to hire an events coordinator. You’re not just looking for any events coordinator. Instead, you want someone who is also passionate about the team because this will help create good synergy at the job.

Instead of posting to message boards and reading through thousands of resumes (you know what you’re looking for), you can use Facebook Graph Search to help  you do the heavy lifting.

For example, you could identify friends in your network who attended the school for your sports team. Here’s a sample search query to enter into Facebook Graph Search.

My friends who live in Orlando, Florida and who attended University of Central Florida”

Once you have identified individuals, you can dig deeper and refine your search results or reach out to the people you have identified to help you find the right candidate.

If this still seems confusing, the fine people over at Zao put together this handy infographic on recruiting with Facebook Graph Search, which identifies a few additional way’s you can recruit with Facebook Graph Search.

Recruiting with Facebook Graph Search

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Everything I Need to Know About Social Media, I Learned From Football

Blue 42, hut hut, hike.  Who’s ready for some Football? With the NFL Playoffs set, I put together this fun (and handy) infographic to help explain social media in terms of Football.

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The State of Social Media in 2012

2012 was a HUGE year for social media – especially for mobile.  Twitter revamped their mobile app, Facebook followed suit and overhauled Facebook for iOS (which was sorely needed). Then, not to be outdone, Pinterest launched business pages for Pinterest, which allowed businesses to create their own accounts that didn’t require a complex way to squeeze your business into the first name and last name fields (finally).

Besides mobile, 2012 was also big for investors as well, as Facebook went public – and who can forget about Facebook Timeline, which also launched in 2012 – I know, it’s hard to remember all the way back to January 2012.

So what else happened with social media in 2012? Take a look at this infographic on everything that happened in social media in 2012.

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Facebook for business or Facebook for personal – a comparison

It doesn’t really matter who you ask – when you mention the term social media, everyone instantly thinks Facebook. That’s because not only does Facebook have over 1 billion users looking to connect with their friends and family, but the social network also works great for business owners as well.

So how effective is Facebook at driving personal and business interactions?

Consider these stats about Facebook for personal and business use:

  • 1 in 7 people use Facebook for personal use
  • 1 in 3 businesses are on Facebook
  • 79% of Facebook fans are more likely to make a purchase
  • 74% of Facebook fans are more likely to recommend a brand to their friends

Couple that with the fact technology research firm, Gartner feels that social commerce is the next big thing and suggests that by 2015, social commerce will generate $30 billion in sales, there are plenty of reasons as to why you should be using Facebook for both personal and business reasons.

So which way should Facebook be used primarily for?  Facebook for business or Facebook for personal? Check out this infographic on how Facebook is currently being used – and the impact that it is having for personal uses and in business.

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The Psychology of Facebook [INFOGRAPHIC]

Whether you realize it or not, Facebook is changing the way we think.  For example, if something good (or bad) happens in our lives, instead of cherishing that moment, we’re quick to rush off to our favorite social networks to share the good news.  The same holds true with each new ding or buzz from our smartphones.  

Not only is Facebook helping build better relationships, but it’s also fueling our addiction to feeling good.

The Psychology of Facebook

With each ding or buzz indicating we have a new notification, not only are we quick to rush to check out what’s going on, but in the process, we’re simply replenishing our dopamine levels. For those of you who don’t know, dopamine helps in the transmissions of signals in the brain, it also plays a role in addiction.

So every time that we receive a new notification on our phones, we’re simply just fueling our addiction – and not in a good way.

In fact, Best Masters in Psychology found the following:

Internet addicts have 10 percent to 20 percent smaller brain areas for important functions such as speech, memory, motor control, emotion, sensory, and other information. The more time that is spent online, the more the brain atrophies in these areas.

It’s pretty scary to think that there’s a psychology to Facebook and that the more time we spend on Facebook, networking and building relationships, we’re rewiring our brains in the process to the point

In addition to altering vital functions like speech, memory, motor control and emotion, be sure to check out this psychology of Facebook infographic and the longterm effects that spending time on a social network like Facebook can have. 

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Facebook Insights Glossary

If you have a Facebook Page, one of the most important areas you should be checking every month are Facebook Insights. Facebook Insights can help you understand the performance of your Facebook Page so that you can learn to optimize the content that you publish for fans.

Unfortunately, if you’re not into analytics like I am, you might find Facebook Insights to be a bit challenging.

Fortunately, because I love analyzing my stats so much, I compiled a complete Facebook Insights Glossary to help you better understand what it is that you’re looking at.

Facebook Insights Glossary

Facebook Insights Glossary

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Best Time to Post On Facebook [infographic]

We’re alway’s looking for the best time to post on Facebook in order to achieve maximum reach and engagement. For most Facebook Page owners, this is an area that is often overlook.

Instead of taking the time to figure out the right time to post on Facebook, we post content when we feel like it. As a result, our Facebook Page suffers and so do our fans.

Why pick a best time to post on Facebook?

If you plan to post on Facebook, you need to have a posting strategy. This includes knowing what content you plan to post and the best time to post on Facebook.

Just because someone is a fan of your Facebook Page, this does not guarantee that they see every piece of content that you post.

By knowing the best times to post content on Facebook, you can maximize the time you spend on the social network. You can also make sure you’re sharing your best content with your fans when they are online. This way your they’ll see your posts and you can get the maximum engagement and amplification for your Facebook posts.

So when is the best time to post on Facebook? The URL shortener, Bitly, has put together this terrific infographic identifying the best time to post on Facebook.

When is the best time to post on Facebook?

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Facebook Dimensions for Facebook Pages [Infographic]

Facebook dimensions - 2012

In 2012, Facebook introduced Timeline – a revamped look for Facebook profiles and Facebook pages. With the introduction of Facebook Timeline, Facebook dimensions changed.  In addition, this gave page owners a lot of new sizing options like Facebook milestones, Facebook highlighted posts, and the Facebook timeline cover photo.

What this means is that in addition to having to learn new Facebook dimensions, you now have a number of different types of dimensions to choose from when deciding how you want to post your Facebook content.

To help you out, I put together this Facebook dimensions infographic for Facebook Pages. This infographic contains all of the sizes and dimensions that you need for your Facebook Pages to present your content to fans.

Facebook dimensions

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