The Definitive guide on using save on Facebook

Have you ever found something you wanted to save on Facebook?

A lot of times when I have items I want to save, I use a combination of Evernote and Skitch.

This allows me to save text updates or if I want to save an entire Facebook post, I can easily take a photo and save the post.

While I love this combination, it doesn’t always work well on mobile devices.

When Facebook announced save on Facebook, a bookmarking tool for Facebook posts, I was eager to give this new feature a try.

Let’s take a look at the new save on Facebook feature and how it works.

What is save on Facebook?

Save on Facebook is a new way to be able to save items you find on Facebook so that you can read and respond to them later on.

This includes items such as links, places, movies, TV and music.

Items that you save on Facebook are only visible to you – unless you share them with friends.

What can you save on Facebook?

For now, these are the types of items you can save.

  • Links
  • Places
  • Music
  • Books
  • Movies
  • TV Shows
  • Events

When you save items on Facebook, you can only save them from  your news feed.

This mean you cannot go to a Facebook Page to save an item.

You also cannot use save on Facebook in add interest lists either.

What cannot be saved on Facebook?

Right now you cannot save the following items on Facebook.

  • Text updates
  • Photos
  • Videos

Save once, view anywhere!

One great thing about save on Facebook is that it works everywhere!

For example, you can save something on your desktop and then view saved items on your mobile device or even your tablet.

This feature also works on iOS and Android devices and the functionality is the same.

This is great news because now you don’t have to come up with a work-around depending on the device you are using to save items you find on Facebook!

Save on Facebook on mobile
To access save on Facebook on a mobile device, look for the saved section.

Now that you know about save on Facebook, how do you use it?

Follow these instructions to learn how to save items from your Facebook news feed.

How to use save on Facebook

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Download: Facebook Group cover photo template

Do you need help with your Facebook Group cover photo?

How would you like a free Facebook Group cover photo template?

I’m going to show you a few ideas to help you create amazing looking Facebook Group cover photos and provide a Facebook Group cover photo template to help you get started.

Benefits of a good cover photo

Facebook Group cover photos are important for the following reasons:

  • Help your Facebook Group standout
  • Build your brand
  • Promote a group hashtag
  • Advertise products you offer in conjunction with your Facebook Group

Examples of Facebook Group cover photos

Here are a few examples of Facebook Group cover photos.

When creating your cover photo, be sure you let group members know what your Facebook Group is about.

This way it is easy for them to see if they want to join your Facebook Group.

All about WordPress
All about WordPress is a Facebook Group to get help with WordPress.


Inbound Marketers
Inbound marketers is a Facebook Group to discuss topics related to inbound marketing.


Social Chefs
Social Chefs is a Private Facebook Group for social media training.

So how do you create your own Facebook Group cover photo?

To create your own cover photo for your Facebook Group, download your own Facebook Group cover photo template below.

Facebook Group cover photo template sizes

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3 Hyper Alerts alternatives to keep tabs on your Facebook Pages

Do you wish you could get better Facebook notifications?

What if that tool could also notify you about Facebook posts from competitors? How about tweets as well?

Today I am going to teach you about three Hyper Alerts alternatives.

These social media tools can help you see notifications from Facebook Pages and Twitter accounts.

What I love about Hyper Alerts

For those of you who read my blog, I’ve written quite a lot about my love for Hyper Alerts here and here.

Because Facebook notifications are not always reliable, you could spend a lot of time going back to Facebook Pages you manage to see if you missed anything throughout the day.

Where Hyper Alerts really helped, you could be notified by email when new updates were made to your pages.

This could be sent each time a new notification was made to a page or you could choose to receive one email per day or one per week.

This way you don’t miss updates on Facebook.

Watching competitors with Hyper Alerts

Besides being able to see notifications about your own pages as well as tweets you sent.

Hyper Alerts can also help businesses in other ways.

  • See what your competitors are doing
  • Identify new content to share
  • Identify gaps in your social media strategy

Why look for Hyper Alerts alternatives?

While Hyper Alerts sounds like an amazing tool, they recently announced they were shutting down. Bummer!

Hyper Alerts alternatives
Hyper Alerts announced that they would be shutting down.

While they also mentioned they would be making Hyper Alerts open source, not everyone has the time or skill to build their own social media tool.

A lot of community managers want something they can use out of the box.

Hyperalerts was one of those tools.

Because of this change, I spent some time looking for Hyper Alerts alternatives and put together a list for you.

3 Hyper Alerts alternatives

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5 Ways marketers can use Facebook hashtags

Do you include Facebook hashtags in your Facebook Page posts?

With 1.15 billion users, Facebook is an attractive place for businesses to market to customers.

Today I’m going to cover Facebook hashtag usage and how your brand can benefit from using Facebook hashtags.

The role of Facebook hashtags in marketing

While Facebook hashtags don’t seem as popular as on Twitter or Instagram, they can still help your brand.

With 1.15 billion users, Facebook is a great place to put your marketing efforts for your business.

When compared to other social networks, no other network comes close when in terms of active users.

Facebook usage stats
Facebook has 1.15 billion active users.

Facebook hashtag usage

Don’t overdo Facebook hashtags

While users are encouraged to use on average 11 Instagram hashtags, Facebook hashtag usage is much lower.

For example, you don’t want to use them in every post.

You also don’t want to use too many. 2-3 hashtags typically work best for Facebook hashtag usage.

Hashtags must be one word

I often get asked what is a hashtag.

Capitalization isn’t important

When looking at Facebook hashtag usage, remember, capitalization isn’t important.

For example, using #Facebookmarketing instead of #FacebookMarketing will take users to the same hashtag.

Personally, I like to capitalize the second word. This way it is a little easier to read the hashtag.

Don’t blindly pick a hashtag – research it first

When choosing a hashtag, be sure you’ve done some research.

If you’re not sure where to look, try these hashtag tracking tools.

Not only can they save you a lot of time, but you can also see how popular a hashtag is before beginning your Facebook marketing campaign.

PiJnz has put together a great infographic on Facebook hashtag usage.

Be sure to read through these tips on how Facebook hashtags can help your brand.

5 Ways marketers can use Facebook hashtags

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5 Hashtag tracking tools to help track and measure social media performance

How many of you are use hashtag tracking tools to help you identify and plan out your social media campaigns?

Recently, I was giving a presentation on how to leverage hashtags and spent a lot of time answering questions from people wanting to know if there were social media tools to help identify which hashtags they needed to include.

In this article, I am going to cover five hashtag tracking tools you can use to find the right hashtags to use with your social media campaigns.

What are hashtags?

For those of you new to hashtags, hashtags are a way to group conversations together.

For example, I conveniently use the hashtag #AskCK to make it easier for users on Twitter to ask me questions.

This also makes it easier for me to track the conversation by simply clicking on the hashtag.

Hashtags are also very useful when you want to insert your information into other larger conversations.

An example of this is using the hashtag #BizTips when sharing updates that are business related or using #Socialmedia when sharing content that is social media related.

Benefits of using hashtags

As I mentioned, by including hashtags in your discussions, it makes it easier for people to follow the discussion that is taking place.

For example, many events create their own hashtag so that attendees can see who is saying what at an event.

If they did not include hashtags, it would be difficult to follow all of the conversations taking place.

The same holds true when trying to measure how effective your social media campaigns were.

Imagine having to go through thousands of conversations. By including a hashtag, you can quickly filter the conversations to only show conversations using a specific hashtag.

This way you can quickly see the conversations and measure your performance.

5 Hashtag tracking tools

Now that you are aware of what hashtags are, how do you identify which hashtags you should be using in your social media campaigns?

Fortunately, there are a number of hashtag tracking tools you can use to help identify, analyze, and measure the effectiveness of a social media campaign.

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How to add a menu to your Facebook Page – Video

Do you run a restaurant? Would you like to learn how to add a menu to your Facebook Page to display your restaurant’s menu to customers? 

Currently, there are a number of landing page tools such as Shortstack, or Tabsite that you can use to add a menu to your Facebook Page.

If you don’t want to use another tool, Facebook now let’s restaurants and cafes include a menu on their Facebook Page without using any extra tools.

Adding a menu to a Facebook Page
Example of a menu on a Facebook Page.

To add a menu to your restaurant’s Facebook Page, follow these instructions.

How to add a menu to your facebook page

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An 8-step strategy to generate leads with social media – Infographic

There is a lot of talk about how you can generate leads with social media.

But a lot of times when you look at your own social media channels, things don’t exactly add up.

You put in the work, but you don’t see good ROI on your investments or many leads coming from your efforts on social media.

If you aren’t generating a lot of leads from your social media channels such as Facebook, Pinterest or Twitter, it’s time to look at how you can change your social media strategy so that you are!

Today we’re going to go over tips on how to generate leads with social media.

Which social networks should you be on?

When social media first got started Facebook was the primary channel that everyone was on.

Today, it is best to be on multiple social networks – provided your business can commit to updating them regularly with unique content.

If you struggle to find time to manage your social media channels, check out this guide on Social media management in 60 minutes per day.

If video is your thing, the social video starter guide can help you learn to use video channels such as Vine or YouTube and YouTube Video Cards to generate leads with social media.

How can social media help your business?

While social media can help generate leads, it isn’t the only channel you should be focusing on when you are trying to generate leads for your business.

Besides using social media channels, you also look to use videos, your email list, as well as your own blog to continue generating more leads and filling your funnel!

Here are a few stats on how people are spending their time on social media and what it can do for your business.

Try these tips for generating leads using some of your favorite social media channels.

Generating leads with Facebook

If you want to generate leads using your Facebook Page, you can create a Facebook landing page using Shortstack and then drive fans to your landing page by sharing a link to your landing page tab.

Here is an example on how to use a Facebook landing page to generate leads with social media.

Generate leads with Facebook
A Facebook landing page to collect email address can be a great way to generate leads with social media.

Generating leads with Twitter

You can also use social media sites like Twitter to generate leads. They offer a lead generation card that can help you quickly collect email addresses for your business.

Twitter lead generation card
Example of Twitter lead generation cards.

Besides using Facebook and Twitter to generate leads, it starts with having a good social media strategy to generate leads.

The team at QuickSprout put together a great infographic complete with an eight-step plan to help you generate leads with social media. Check out the following infographic.

How to generate leads with social media

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The complete guide to social media dimensions – Infographic

Do you struggle with finding the right dimensions to use on your social media channels?

With  a number of social networks changing their social media dimensions, I understand how frustrating it can be to keep up.

For example, both Facebook and Twitter changed their social media dimensions in 2014.

Here is an example of their new layouts.

Facebook Page redesign
Facebook Page redesign in 2014. Source: Facebook Page redesign news


Twitter redeisng
Twitter redesign in 2014. Source: Twitter redesign news

While I love the new look of both channels, it can be frustrating for community managers, social media managers and businesses.

This is because when new redesigns come out, they don’t always tell you what social media dimensions you need to update to.

Fortunately, the team at  Insight180 put together an extremely helpful infographic that features the latest social media dimensions for:

This infographic shows you which social media dimensions you need to use and also includes the right sizes for images you include in your posts as well.

So what social media dimensions you should be using for 2014?

Social media dimensions (May 2014)

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How to disable Facebook autoplay video on desktop and mobile

With the recent announcement about Facebook video metrics, this means you can expect to see more Facebook video ads showing up in your news feed.

Today we are going to teach you how to disable Facebook autoplay video ads.

While a lot of users already don’t like their news feed getting clogged up with unwanted content, you can disable Facebook autoplay video ads in just a few steps!

How to disable Facebook autoplay video ads

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3 Ways to make your Instagram community explode using Facebook

Do you wish your business could grow its presence on Instagram?

It takes a lot of time and energy to create a successful Instagram strategy for your business.

To be successful on using Instagram for business, it requires developing a following and continuously creating and sharing new and exciting photos and videos with your audience to get them excited about products and services.

As your content gets shared, more people will see it and engage with it and help grow your network.

While this process will help you grow your Instagram following, you could be missing out on adding more followers when you don’t integrate Instagram with Facebook.

Here are three ways you can integrate Instagram with Facebook to help to get more exposure for your photos and videos and grow your presence on Instagram.

3 Ways to integrate Instagram with Facebook

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